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How does a guest create an account?

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Once a non-official participant's email has been added to a project site, an email will be sent to that account. See How do I add users to my project site? for details on how to enroll participants.

Participant's Email

Participant's Email.

The participant will receive two emails including:

  1. Welcome to LUC Sakai. Select this email for first time set-up.
  2. Notification of enrollment into a specific site.

Accept the invitation.

Accept invitation.

Within the Welcome to LUC Sakai email to  review information on Sakai. Select the  invitation to Sakai link to access Sakai.

Activate your Account.

Activate Account.

Activate your account by:

  1. Entering your first name as it should display within the site.
  2. Entering your last name as it should display within the site.
  3. Enter a password.
  4. Re-enter the password.
  5. Select Activate your account to log in to enter Sakai.
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