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How do I create a new project site?

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All Loyola students, faculty and staff have permission to create new project sites. Project sites can be created either from Worksite Setup or Sites in the Home area.

Select Worksite Setup.

Select Worksite Setup

Select the Worksite Setup tool from the Tool Menu in the Home area (i.e., from the Sakai homepage after login).

Select Create New Site.

Select Create New Site

Select Create New Site from the Actions Menu.

Select the type of site.

choose project site and select continue
  1. Select the radio button to the left of project site.
  2. Select Continue.

Enter site information.

Enter the site title.

Enter a title

Type a Site Title in the text field.

Select site language. (Optional)

Choose the site language

If desired, change the default language for the site to any of the available languages listed. Select the dropdown menu and then choose the desired language.

Enter a site description. (Optional)

site description

The information entered into the description area will appear on the site's home page. Use the Rich Text Editor to format the description, if desired.

Enter a short description.

short description

You may also enter a short description (with a maximum of 80 characters). This short description will display in the publicly viewable list of sites.

Edit the site contact information. (Optional)

Edit the site contact info, if needed

The user's name and LUC email address will pre-populate the site contact fields. Edit this information, if desired.

Select Continue.

select Continue

Select Continue to save changes.

Select site tools.

select tools

Place a checkmark next to any tools that to add them to the project site.

Select Continue.

select continue

Select Continue.

Configure site access.

configure site access
  1. Site Status: Select to Publish the site, or Leave as Draft (i.e., unpublished). Unpublished sites are only visible to participants with the "maintain" role, not to participants with the "access" role.
  2. Site Visibility: Choose whether or not to display the site in the LUC Sakai Site Browser.
  3. Global Access: Choose to make site access Limit to official course members or to those I add manually (recommended), or Allow any user to join the site.
  4. Select Continue to save changes.

Select Create Site.

select create site

If all site details appear correct, select Create Site.

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