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What are project sites?

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Project sites are designed to facilitate collaboration. Faculty, students and staff can create project sites. You can invite anyone you wish to join your project site, including individuals who are not affiliated with Loyola (access is granted via the creation of a guest account). Project sites have many of the same tools available as course sites. However, they are not associated with credit courses or with academic terms. Instructors should never use a project site as a substitute for a LOCUS-connected Sakai course site.

Project sites are typically worksites where a project director, team, or committee can make announcements, engage in online discussions, and share resources such as documents or links to other websites. Examples of users of project sites include university committees, student organizations, student groups, communities, collaborative research projects, training initiatives, and groups of instructors who will be teaching similar lab sections of the same course.

Default participant roles for project sites.

The default roles in project sites are:

  • Maintain: The Maintain role has full permissions throughout the site, including the ability to publish the site and set its global access. Those holding the role of site maintainer can add, read, revise, and delete content in all tools. Maintainers can also add and remove participants.
  • Access: Site members with an Access role can read and add content to a site where appropriate.
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