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How do students submit an assessment (i.e., test or quiz)?

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Test-taking Tips:

In order to avoid potential problems during an assessment, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Use a supported web browser, such as the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • DO NOT have multiple windows or tabs open while testing.
  • Use a dependable internet connection—wired rather than wireless if possible.
  • DO NOT use the back and forward buttons in browser navigation buttons. Always navigate pages by using controls and links within Sakai.
  • For timed tests, remember that once the test begins, the timer will continue to run until the time limit or the submission is completed. This is true if a student loses internet connection, their browser crashes, or they simply exit the test and close the browser window.
  • Select the Begin Assessment button only ONCE when starting a test.
  • Only select the Submit for Grading button ONCE when submitting a test.

Select Tests & Quizzes.

select tests & quizzes

In the target Sakai site, select Tests & Quizzes from the Tool Menu.

Select the title of the assessment to take.

select a test

In the Assessments section, select the title of an open assessment.

Note: Assessments that are past the due date but still accepting late submissions will appear in the list with the Due Date/Time shown in red. Assessments that are not currently available do not show up in the Assessments list at all.

An assessment may also be linked within other tools in the course, such as Lessons.

or, select a link to a test

Select the link to the assessment to take the assessment. The icon for Tests & Quizzes also indicates that the link directs to a test or quiz.

Begin assessment.

select begin assessment

A Begin Assessment page that contains summary information about the assessment such as due date, the time limit, and the number of submissions allowed, will be displayed.

If the assessment requires an Honor Pledge, check the box next to the Honor Pledge. When ready to start the test, select Begin Assessment.

Reminder: Students should not select Begin Assessment until they are ready to take a test. If it is a timed test, students will need to submit the test within the time limit or else it will be automatically submitted when the timer expires.

Answer each question.

test taking interface
  1. If allowed in the quiz settings, select the Table of Contents button to jump to a different question in the assessment.
  2. If the test is timed, the time remaining will display at the top of the assessment. Select the Hide/Show Time Remaining button to show or hide the count-down clock.
  3. The question will display below the countdown clock. Select a response or enter it into the fields provided.
  4. If allowed in the quiz settings, the Question Progress panel will appear on the right side of the screen. This panel will display progress of answered and unanswered questions. Students may also navigate through the assessment by selecting the question numbers in the panel. Expand or collapse the panel by clicking on the Question Progress tab.
  5. If allowed in the quiz settings, use the Previous button to go back to an earlier question.
  6. After answering a question, select the Next button to advance to the next question.
  7. Optionally, select Save on any question to save progress.

Tip: Save your work early and often!

Save and Submit.

save submit for grading
  1. After answering all of the questions in the assessment, select Save.
  2. Thens select Submit for Grading.

Confirm submission.

Select Submit for Grading to submit the assessment.

Select Continue.

select continue

After submitting the assessment, students will see a submission information page with a confirmation number. Select Continue to return to the Tests & Quizzes landing page.

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