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How do I allow a student to retake a test or quiz?

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If a student has completed all of their available submissions to an assessment, a retake can be allowed in Tests & Quizzes.

Select Tests & Quizzes.

select Tests & Quizzes

In the target Sakai site, select Tests & Quizzes from the Tool Menu.

Select the Published - All View. (Optional)

choose published - all from the dropdown menu

Select the Published - All option in the View dropdown menu to view only the assessments that have been released to students.

Go to the assessment submissions.

select the number of submissions

Select the number of student submissions in the Submitted column. Alternatively, choose Scores from the Actions dropdown menu.

Select Submission Status.

select submission status

Under the student name, select Allow retake.

select allow retake

A list of students that have completed the available attempts will display. Underneath the name of the student who needs to retake the test or quiz, select Allow Retake.


  • An assessment must be Active (i.e., the due or late acceptance date must be in the future), for a student to be able to access it. For instructions to edit assessment dates, see What are the Availability and Submissions options for an assessment?
  • If the assessment allows multiple submissions and the student has an incomplete submission with time available on it, the student can complete their available submission. The instructor will not have the option to Allow retake for that student.
  • Allowing a retake gives the student a new, blank copy of the assessment to take.

Select Retake to confirm.

select Allow retake

A confirmation page for the selected student to retake the assessment will appear. Select Allow Retake to confirm the retake.

Or, select Allow Retake and Go to Settings.

select Alloow retake and go to settings

If the availability for an assessment has passed, the confirmation page will prompt a change to the assessment Settings. Select Allow Retake and Go to Settings to confirm the retake.

View Submission Status.

student allowed retake no longer has "allow retake" displayed beneath their name

When returning to the Submission Status page, the student will no longer have the option Allow retake underneath their name. The student can now retake the quiz.

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