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How do I download Tests & Quizzes submissions for grading offline?

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Instructors may download assessment responses for grading offline, including bulk downloading submissions to a File Upload question so they can easily access them from a single folder on your computer.

Select Tests & Quizzes.

select Tests & Quizzes

In the target Sakai site, select Tests & Quizzes from the Tool Menu.

Select the Published - All View. (Optional)

choose published - all from the dropdown menu

Choose the Published - All option in the View dropdown menu to view only the assessments that have been released to students.

Go to the assessment submissions.

select the number of submissions

Select the number of student submissions in the Submitted column. Alternatively, choose Scores from the Actions dropdown menu.

Export scores and student responses.

Instructors may export an Excel spreadsheet that contains all the student responses and scores for an assessment, as well as any comments the instructor entered for students on the Total Scores screen.

Select Export.

select Export

Select Export from the Actions Menu.

Select Export.

select Export

Select the Export button. Depending on a user's browser settings, they may be prompted to open or download the file. Once downloaded, the file may be opened in any spreadsheet application such as Excel.

View spreadsheet.


The resulting spreadsheet lists the student names, user names, number of the assessment submissions (if multiple submissions were allowed), final scores, any comments entered for students in the Total Scores screen, and the student responses to each question.

Note: Certain question types, such as File Upload questions and Audio Recording questions, which need to be graded within the Tests & Quizzes screen, will not be able to display answers in the spreadsheet.

Download all file upload submissions.

If an assessment has one or more File Upload questions, instructors can download all submissions simultaneously (e.g., to add inline comments, or for ease of reading certain types of files).

Select Download File Submissions.

select download file submissions

Select Download File Submissions from the Actions Menu.

Select Download.

select download
  1. Choose whether to download responses for the entire site, or only for selected sections/groups.
  2. Then, select Download.

Save the zip file.

save the zip file

Select Save to download a zip file.

  1. You can see all the students' submissions in one folder. Each submission will be labeled with the student's name, followed by an underscore, the student's user name, another underscore, and the file name.

Open the zip file.

open the zip file

Locate and open the zip file. The location may differ from the image above depending on an instructor's web browser settings.

Contents are unzipped.

select an unzipped file to open it

The contents of the zip file will display in Finder (Mac) or Explorer (PC). Each file name is appended with the name of the student who submitted it. Select any student file to open it.

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