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How do I grade assessment submissions by student?

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Most question types in Tests & Quizzes are automatically graded by the system. However, instructors need to manually score short answer/essay questions, file uploads, and audio recordings. They may also adjust auto-graded scores, add comments, or give partial credit.

For more information and additional options for grading assessments, see How do I grade Tests & Quizzes?

Select Tests & Quizzes.

select Tests & Quizzes

In the target Sakai site, select Tests & Quizzes from the Tool Menu.

Select the Published - All view. (Optional)

use the dropdown menu to choose published - all

Select the Published - All option in the View dropdown to view only the assessments that have been released to students.

Go to the assessment submissions.

select a student's name

Select the number of student submissions in the Submitted column. Alternatively, choose Scores from the Actions dropdown menu.

Display multiple submissions for students. (Optional)

choose which submissions to view

By default, the submission that displays for each student will be based on the assessment's Recorded Score setting. For example, if the test is configured to accept the highest score, the highest scoring submission will display.

If the assessment allows multiple submissions, or if a student has submitted an allowed retake, instructors may choose to view all student submissions by selecting All Submissions from the View dropdown menu.

Select the student.

select a student's name

Select the student's name to view their submission.

View and enter grades/comments for the individual student.

enter question scores and feedback

The individual student submission will display, showing all of the questions and answers submitted by that student.

  1. Leave overall comments on the submission Comments for Student field. (Optional)
  2. Award points, or adjust points for automatically-graded questions.
  3. Leave comments on individual question responses in the Comments for Student fields beneath each question. (Optional)
  4. Add question feedback via file attachment by selecting Add Attachments. (Optional)

Select Update.

select update

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Update to save all changes.

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