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How do I edit my assessment title or description?

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You can edit an assessment's title or description in the About this Assessment section of the assessment Settings. For more information on additional assessment settings, see How do I view and modify the settings of an assessment?

In the assessment Settings page, click About this Assessment.

Assessement settings

To access the About this Assessment settings, click the section title on the assessment's Settings page.

About this Assessment

About this assessment

In About this Assessment, you can do the following:

  1. Change the Title of your assessment if desired.
  2. Add a Description/Intro. Anything you enter into the Description/Intro field will be visible to students before they begin the assessment.
  3. Attach a file if you like. The file could be a reference the students need to use during the test, or more detailed instructions on test taking requirements. Click Add Attachments to attach a file.
  4. If selected, the Honor Pledge requires students to agree to the pledge before beginning the assessment.
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