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How do I add a syllabus item to the calendar?

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Once you have added items to the Syllabus tool, you may add start and end times to them for informational purposes. The dates specified for an item do not control visibility of the item. However, the dates do control the display of items in the Calendar tool. You must specify a start and/or end time for the item before you can add it to the calendar. 

Select Syllabus.

Select the Syllabus tool from the site Tool Menu.

Manage Syllabus items.


Select Manage from the menu in the Syllabus tool.

Select dates and items for Calendar.

Calendar update

1. Add start time/end time for each item you wish to add to the Calendar

2. Check the boxes in the Calendar column next to the items.

3. Select Update.

Confirm Update.

Confirm update

On the next page, select the Update button to apply changes.

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