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How do I create and run a report?

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Select Statistics.

Select Statistics from the site's Tool Menu.

Select Reports.

Select Reports from the Actions Menu.

Select Add.

Select Add to begin creating a new report.

Enter a title and description.

Enter a report title in the Title field. Optionally, add a brief description of the report in the Description field.

Note: To save a report, a title is required.

Choose What?

Specifying What? configures the type of activity to report. Select the Activity dropdown menu to choose a type of activity. Available options include reports on Visits, Events, or Resources.


Select Visits to report on site visits.


Select Events to report on activity (either by tool or by event). Choose from the list of tools displayed to customize the report. Alternatively, choose All to display events for all available tools.


Select Resources to report on file/folder activity. This selection can be filtered by the following:

  • Action: New (file uploaded/folder created), Read (file opened for reading), Revise (file details or contents changed), or Delete (file/folder deleted)
  • Resources: Restricts report to selected files/folders or to files under selected folders

Choose When?

Use the Period dropdown menu to choose a time period. This option allows to configure the time period to report.

  • All: All activity since site creation
  • Last 7 days: Activity from the last 7 days
  • Last 30 days: Activity from the last 30 days
  • Last 365 days: Activity from the last 365 days
  • Custom: Activity from a user-specified date interval

Choose Who?

Use the Users dropdown menu to configure which users to include in the report.

  • All: All site users
  • Role: Users with the a user-specified role
  • Group: Users with the a user-specified group
  • Custom: Users selected from the presented list
    Multiple users can be selected pressing the CTRL (for disjoint selection) or ALT (for range selection) keys while clicking with the mouse.
  • None: To report users that do not match all the specified report conditions (e.g., selecting "Visits" + "All" date + "None" will report users that never visited the site)

Choose How?

This option allows you to configure how the report will be presented. Totals by: defines how to group report data (e.g., selecting "User" + "Date" will present a report grouped by user and date). Multiple fields can be selected pressing the CTRL (for disjoint selection) or ALT (for range selection) keys while clicking with the mouse.

Select additional specifications.

  • Number of results: Limits the number of report results
  • Presentation: Defines how the report will be presented (table and/or chart)
  • Chart type: Defines the type of chart to be presented (bar, pie, or timeseries as line or bar chart)
  • Chart data source/Chart series source: Defines the main source of chart data
  • Grouped by: Defines the grouping field for bar chart data

Select Save Report.

Select Save Report to save this report to the list of custom reports.

Tip: To view a one-time report without saving, select Generate Report instead to run a report without saving.

Select the report title.

Select the report title to run the report.

View report.

The report will display.

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