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How do I import content from an archive file?

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Select Site Info.

select Site Info

In the target Sakai site, select Site Info tool from the site Tool Menu.

Select Import from Archive File.

select Import from Archive File

Select Import from Archive File from the Actions Menu.

Choose a file to import.

choose a file

Select the Choose File button to browse for and select an import file. After choosing a file, the file name will display on this screen.

Note: Sakai supports several import file types (e.g., IMS Common Cartridge Archives, Blackboard Archive files, etc.). However, you may need to check with your system administrator to determine the file import options currently enabled on your system and the best file format for you to use.

Select Import.

select Import

Select the Import button and wait for the file to be uploaded and processed. Depending on the size of the file, this may take some time.

Select the content to be imported.

choose material to copy

A list of content types from the import file display in the column on the left.

  1. Select the item in the left column to import. (Select multiple items using CTRL+Click for PC or CMD+Click for Mac).
  2. Use the right arrow button under Move to move the item(s) over to the list of material to be imported.
  3. Select the Copy Materials button to import the selected content.

Confirm the import.

select Finish

Confirm the copying of the listed tools into the present site and select the Finish button.

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