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How do I control site access?

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Select Site Info.

select Site Info

In the target Sakai site, select Site Info from the Tool Menu.

Select Manage Access.

select Manage Access

Select Manage Access from the Actions Menu.

Select a Site Status (i.e., published or unpublished).


select Publish Site

Published sites are available to all site participants and appear in their site tabs and lists.


select Publish Now

If the site is left as draft, or unpublished, only instructors/site owners may access it and students will not see the site in their list of sites. Throughout the site, instructors will see the Unpublished Site banner and can use the Publish Now button to quickly publish a site, without going through Site Info.

Confirm Site Visibility.

choose whether to display in site browser

If site visibility is set to Display in Site Browser, all people with access to the Sakai system may search for the site from the Worksite Setup tool. If set to Do not display in Site Browser, the site will not show up in a search.

Select a Global Access setting (optional).

choose a global access setting

In most cases, site owners keep the default value Limit to official course members or to those I add manually (recommended). This will restrict enrollment to people that you add manually or that are enrolled automatically from the registration system.

If the site is set to Display in Site Browser (as shown above) AND the option Allow any Sakai user to join the site is selected, anyone in the system may search for and join your site.  

Select Update.

select update

Select Update to apply changes.

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