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How do I embed an mp4 video in a text box?

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MP4 videos can be embedded in a text box using the Rich Text Editor. Other file types that can be embedded in a text box include .FLA, .F4V, .3GPP, .M4V, and .MOV.

In the text box, position your cursor where you want to embed the mp4 video.

Position cursor in the text box

Select the Insert/edit movie icon.

Select the insert movie icon

Select the Insert/Edit movie icon from the Rich Text Editor toolbar. This displays the HTML5 Video properties dialog box.

Select Browse Server.

Select browse server

This displays the Browse Server dialog box.

Select the Upload file icon.

Select the Upload file icon

First, select the location where you would like to upload the new video file. Then, select the Upload file icon (highlighted for emphasis).

Choose Select files.

Choose Select Files

Drag and drop your file or choose the Select files button.

Locate and select the mp4 video file that you want to embed in the text box.

Select the file and select Open
  1. Locate and select the mp4 file.
  2. Then, select Open.

The file will upload.

File uploadd progress displays in top right corner

Your file will be uploaded to the server. This may take a while if it is a large file.

Select OK to embed the video on the page.

Select OK

Once the file has finished uploading, it will appear in Resources and will be selected by default. Select OK to add the video to the Rich Text Editor.

Select OK.

Select OK

Select OK to embed the mp4 file in the text box.

View embedded video file.

Video displays in text box

The embedded video will display in the editing view.

Select Save.

Select Save to save changes.

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