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How do I search for and add connections?

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Select Profile.

Select Profile from the Home Tool Menu

Select the Profile tool from the Home Tool Menu.

Select Search

Select Search from the Actions Menu.

Enter your search terms and select Search.

Enter search criteria, specify if you are searching for a user or a common interest, and select search
  1. Enter a name or keyword to search for.
  2. Select the radio button to indicate if you are searching for a user or a common interest.
  3. Select Search.

Note: You may also include current connections, or limit the search to a particular course by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

View search results.

View search results

Search results will display at the bottom of the screen.

Select Add as a connection.

Confirm add as a connection.

Select Add as a connection to send a connection request to the selected user.

Select Confirm connection

You will receive a notice letting you know that the user you have contacted will have to confirm the request before being added as your connection. To proceed with the connection request, select Confirm connection.

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