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How do I copy content from an existing Lessons page?

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Use this process to copy Lessons items to a top-level page or subpage that you have already created.

Select the new Lessons page.

Select the new Lessons page

In the target Sakai site, select the new Lessons page (the page where you would like copied items to appear) from the site Tool Menu.

Select Reorder.


Select Reorder from the Actions menu.

Select Add items from another page.

Hyperlinked text add items from another page

Select Add items from another page.

Choose a page to copy and select Use selected item.

Choose a page
  1. Choose the radio button to the left of the page you would like to copy.
  2. Select Use selected item.

(Optional) Reorder and delete items.


To reorder items, click and hold to drag and drop items. To delete items, select the red X to the right of the item.

Select Save.

Select save

Select Save.

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