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How do I create two columns on a Lessons page?

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Adding two columns on a Lessons page breaks up one big block or one section into smaller pieces so that the page is more readable and flows better. It also makes better use of the white space on the page.

Adding two columns on a Lessons page involves two steps.

Go to Lessons.

Lessons button

Click on the Lessons tool in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: The Lesson page must already contain content before adding sections.

Decide how to group items.

Lessons page

Identify how you want to group the items in a section into two columns.

Select the + button and Add Column Break Below.

Add column break

Select the + button to the right of the item where you want to add a column break. You will see the Add menu window pop up. Select Add column break below

View two-column layout.

Two column layout

You will see the items are now grouped into two columns on the page.

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