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How do I export Lessons content?

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The Lessons tool allows instructors to export course content in IMS Common Cartridge format. If your Lessons contain links to site activities (e.g., assignments, forum topic, or quizzes) or resources (e.g., files, url links) those items will also be exported in the content package.

Note: Pages added by students via the Student Pages tool are not included in the export file. 

Go to Lessons.

Lessons button

Click on the Lessons tool in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: You must be on a top-level page to export Lessons content.

Click More Tools, then Export CC.

More tools menu

From the More Tools drop-down menu, select Export CC to display the Export IMS Common Cartridge dialog.

Choose the desired options and select Download.

Export IMS common cartridge file


  • If your Lessons page includes a link to a quiz that draws questions from a question pool, check the Include all question pools you can access as a single question bank option.
  • If the Lessons are destined for use in Moodle or Blackboard LMS, check the Use old version of file option.
  • If the Lessons are destined for use in Canvas, check the Use newest version of file option.
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