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How do I require completion of a Lessons item?

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Most of the items that can be added to a Lessons page can be designated as required. That is, students must open (if the item is a resource) or complete (if the item is a forum posting, quiz, assignment, question, comment or student page). Further, the Lessons tool allows instructors to require students to complete one item in the list before allowing access to other items in the list.

Select Lessons.

select Lessons

In the target Sakai site, select Lessons from the Tool Menu.

Selet Edit for the item that will be required.

select Edit

Hover and select the Edit (ie., pencil) icon.

Require item.

Check require item

1. Under Prerequisites & Requirements, check the checkbox to "Require This item."

2. Then, select Update Item.

Item displays with asterisk.

required item displays with asterisk

Notice that required items are indicated with an asterisk to the left of the item.

To conditionally release based on prerequisites:

Select Edit for the item to be restricted.

select Edit

Hover over and select the Edit (i.e., pencil) icon.

Set prerequisite.

set prereq and select update item
  1. Check the checkbox "Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed."
  2. Then, select Update Item.

Item shows prerequisites.

item with prereqs indicated with label

Notice that items that are conditionally released display [Has prerequisites] in brackets.

In the example shown above, the Presentation cannot be opened until the required items preceding this item on the page have been completed.

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