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How do I embed an audio file on a Lessons page?

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Select Lessons.

Select Lessons

Select the Lessons tool in the site Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: The default or blank Lessons page contains text and images that explain the basic functionality of the Lessons tool.

Select Add Content.

Select Add Content

Select Add Content from the Actions Menu.

Select Embed Content on the Page.

Select Embed Content on the Page

Select Embed Content on the Page from the dialog box.

Select Choose Files.

Select Choose files

Select Browse... to browse for files on your computer.

Locate the audio file and select Open.

Locate and select the file, then select Open

Browse for the audio file on your computer.

  1. Select the file name.
  2. Then, select Open.

Select Save.

Select Save

Select Save.

Note: The file you have selected will appear next to the Choose Files button.

Embedded audio player displays.

The embedded audio player displays on the page

The audio file will display embedded on the page.

Select Edit. (Optional)

Select Edit

To add a description of the audio file, select the Edit icon (i.e., the pencil icon) that appears when you hover your cursor over the audio player.

Add a description.

Add a description and select Update Item
  1. Optionally, you may modify the dimensions of the audio player by entering width and height values in pixels.
  2. Add a description of the audio file in the Item Description field.
  3. Then, select Update Item.

Updated audio player displays.

Updated audio player displays

The embedded audio player displays with updated dimensions (if applicable) and the description displayed beneath the player.

Notice the file location in Resources.

The file is uploaded to Resources automatically

Note that the audio file was automatically uploaded to your Resources in a folder with the same name as the Lessons page.

Note: The audio file is not streamed to the user. The larger the audio file, the longer it will take for the audio file to load on the Lessons page, and the more space it will consume in your site Resources.

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