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What is the Home Calendar?

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The Home Calendar shows all events from all of the sites in which a user is enrolled. In addition, users may also create individual, private calendar entries that are only visible from their Home area.

View Calendar.

The Home calendar widget appears in Home

The Home Calendar widget appears in the Home Tool.

Select Options to customize calendar display. (Optional)

Select Options

Customize the appearance of the Calendar by selecting Options from the Actions Menu.

Customize preferences and select Update.

Increase an decrease the priority of different event types and define colors for those priorities
  1. To increase or decrease the priority of a specific type of calendar event, select that event and then select the Move Up or Move Down buttons.
  2. Define custom colors for event priorities by entering a hexadecimal value in the text fields or selecting the palette icon to open a color-picker.
  3. Select Update to save changes.

Subscribe to the Home Calendar from another application.

Select Publish (private)

To subscribe to the Home Calendar from another calendaring application, such as Outlook or Google Calendar, select the Publish (Private) button to generate a URL that can be used to set up a subscription.

Select Generate.

Select Generate

Select Generate.

Copy the URL and use it in an external calendar client.

Click the first URL or copy and paste the second into a web-based calendar

Select the first link to open a calendar client, or copy and paste the second URL for use in a web-based calendar client.

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