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How do I override a course grade in Gradebook?

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Select Gradebook.

Select Gradebook from your site's tool menu

In the target Sakai site, select Gradebook from the Tool Menu.

Locate the Course Grade column and select the dropdown arrow for the student grade to override.

Select the down arrow and then select Course Grade Override

Within the course grade cell for the student whose grade to override:

  1. Select the drop-down arrow within the student's grade cell.
  2. Choose Course Grade Override from the dropdown menu.

Enter override score and save.

Enter the score and save
  1. Enter the new course grade to replace the calculated grade.
  2. Select Save Course Grade Override.


  • When manually entering a course grade, you must use the appropriate grade type for the Gradebook schema you have selected. For example, if the course is graded on a simple letter grade scale, you will only be able to enter the letters A, B, C, D, or F. If the course is graded on a standard letter grade scale, you will also be able to add  +  (plus sign) or  -  (minus sign) to the letter grade. If the course is graded on a Pass/Not pass scale, you will only be able to enter the letters P or N.
  • A numerical value for the override can be entered, however the value will be mapped to the letter grade scale.

Overridden grade indication.

overridden grade appears in bold

A course grade that has been overridden by the instructor appears in boldface.

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