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How do I moderate a topic?

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A moderated discussion allows the instructor to review and approve a discussion posting before the participants may view the post. When a discussion is moderated, each message submitted by a participant must be reviewed and approved before other participants may read them.

Go to Discussions.

Select Discussions

Select Discussions from the site Tool Menu. 

Select Topic Settings.

Select Topic Settings next to topic title.

Select Topic Settings to moderate a topic.

Check the box next to Moderate Topic.

Select checkbox to Moderate Topic.

Under the options for Topic Posting, select the checkbox to Moderate Topic.

Save to apply setting.

Select Save or Save Draft

Scroll down and select Save or Save Draft to apply moderation.

View moderated topic in forums list.

"Moderated" appears next to the topic title that has moderation applied.

Moderated topics will have the text Moderated displayed next to the title of the topic.

View Pending messages.

Conversation messages are marked as "Pending."

All messages pending approval will display Pending highlighted in green next to the message.

Select the title of the message to view the message.

Select Moderate.

Select Moderate.

Select Moderate to reveal moderation options.

Approve or Deny pending posts.

Select Deny or Approve.

Select either Deny or Approve to moderate the message. Approved messages will be visible to the rest of the site participants. Denied messages remain visible to the instructor only.

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