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How do I create a certification?

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Select Certification.

Select Certification

Select Certification from the Tool Menu of your site.

View the Certification List.

view certification lsit

After selecting Certification from the Tool Menu, you'll be brought to the Certification List page. Here you will see all of the current/active certifications for the course site. If there are no current certifications, a message will prompt you to use the Add link to create a new certification.

Select Add.

select add

Select Add from the Actions Menu.

Add a title and description.

add a title and description
  1. Enter a title in the Name field.
  2. Add a description in the Description field. (Optional)

Add a certificate PDF.

Select Choose File.

select choose file

Below the Description text box, select Choose File to browse your computer and select a file.

Note: Files must be application/PDF files to be successfully uploaded to the site.

Choose the certificate file.

locate the file and select open

Choose the applicable certificate file and select Open. This is the file that participants will receive once they meet particular requirements (course completion, passing a test, etc.).

Select Continue.

select Continue

Once all of the initial information is input and your certification file is attached, select Continue.

Choose specific requirements.

choose requirements

Choose from the options listed to set the requirements that participants must meet in order to earn this certificate.

Note: A Gradebook Item must be created before the certification can be tied to it. Grades must be released to students before they can count toward these requirements.

Option 1: Course grade.

enter a course grade score

If certification is dependent on course completion, choose this option from the requirement dropdown menu. A Score field will appear below the requirement dropdown list. Type in the lowest score in the text box that participants must earn in order to receive their certification.

Option 2: Item grade.

choose a gradebook item and enter a minimum score

This option ties certification to a specific Gradebook Item.

  1. Use the Gradebook Item dropdown menu to choose a Gradebook item.
  2. Specify the minimum score participants must earn in order to receive their certification.

Option 3: Due date.

choose a Gradebook item

This option will directly tie the certification with a specified Gradebook item. Choose the corresponding item from the Gradebook Item dropdown menu.

Option 4: Certificate expiration.

specify months till expiration

This requirement option notes when the certification will expire (if applicable). Once you select this option, the Months until expiration field will appear below. Type in the number of months until the certification expires.

Select Add.

select Add

After choosing one or more options from the requirement dropdown menu and specifying details, select Add. You may add more than one requirement.

View added requirements.

requirements display

As new requirements are added, they will appear above the Create requirements box. To remove a requirement, simply select the trash can icon.  

Choose to show requirements.

choose whether to reveal requirements

If you'd like certification requirements to be visible to site participants, check the Show requirements to site members checkbox.

Select Continue.

select Continue

After requirements are added, select Continue.

Specific certificate modifications.

select Continue

If fields within the supplied PDF contain customizable data, note the necessary value substitutions and select Continue.

Select Activate Certificate.

select Activate Certificate

Review all of the details that you supplied for this certification. If something needs to be fixed, use the Back button to navigate to the necessary screen to make detail adjustments. Otherwise, select Activate Certificate.

View certifications.

certification appears as active

After creating a new certification, you will be taken to the Certification List. Your new certification will be listed with an ACTIVE status on this page.

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