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How do I merge external calendars?

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The Merge External Calendar option allows users to subscribe to external calendars such as an institutional calendar, or a web calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) in iCal format.

Note: This feature has some limitations:

  • It does not support all-day events.
  • It only supports events defined with <VEVENT>.
  • It does not support reoccurring events.
  • It does not support events without an end time.

Select Calendar.

Select Calendar

In the target Sakai site, or from Home, select Calendar from the Tool Menu.

Select Merge External Calendars.

Select Merge External Calendars

From the Actions Menu, select Merge External Calendars.

Enter Calendar information.

Enter Calendar info and select Subscribe and select Save
  1. Enter a name for the external calendar.
  2. Copy and paste the external calendar's subscription URL.
  3. Select Subscribe.
  4. Select Save.

View subscribed calendars.

Subscribed calendar displays

The subscribed calendar displays.

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