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How do I merge the Calendar with another site?

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If you would like to combine calendar items from two or more sites, you may choose to merge the calendars. 

Remember that all calendar entries for sites you have access to are automatically merged in your My Workspace Schedule.

Note: You must have appropriate level permissions (i.e., calendar owner) to merge calendars. Merged calendar items will only be visible for site participants who are active in both sites.

Select Calendar.

Select Calendar

In the target Sakai site, select Calendar from the Tool Menu.

Select Merge Internal Calendars.

Select Merge Internal Calendars

Select Merge Internal Calendars from the Actions Menu.

Select calendars to be merged.

Check the boxes for calendars to be merged and select Save
  1. In the Show Calendar column, check the box for any calendars to be merged with the current site
  2. Then, select Save.
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