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How do I add a new attendance item?

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There are two ways to take attendance with the Attendance tool. You can use the Add tab to create Attendance Items to pre-populate the tool with class meeting times and special events. Alternatively, if you prefer to take attendance on-the-fly, you can use the Take Attendance Now button.

You do not need to exclusively use one method or the other; either method can be used interchangeably within a single course.

Create items from the Add tab.

Items added with Add Attendance Item are named, pre-designated events. They offer a helpful way for students to see, ahead of time, how many meeting times are offered and the dates of those meeting times.

Select the Add tab.

Add Attendence

Enter Attendance Item details.

In the Add an Attendance Item window, enter a name for your new attendance item.
  1. (Required) Enter Attendance Item Name in text field.
  2. Enter Attendance Item date and time details.

Save Attendance Item.

Select the Create button to save and create the Attendance item.

Note that selecting Create & Add Another allows you to create several events from this modal window.

Create Attendance item with the Take Attendance Now button.

Select the Take Attendance Now button.

An attendance item with the current date and time will be created. You can take attendance immediately in this screen.

Take attendance by selecting the tile for a student corresponding to their attendance status. To modify the attendance for a student, select a different tile in the appropriate column.

Your new attendance item will appear in the Attendance Items list.

Note: You can edit an Attendance item by selecting the Actions button and selecting Edit from the dropdown.

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