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How do I enable student peer review for an assignment?

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Select Assignments.

Select Assignments

In the target Sakai site, select Assignments from the Tool Menu.

Add a new assignment or edit a draft assignment.

Select Add

Select Add from the Actions Menu to create a new assignment.

Or, select Edit to edit a draft assignment.

Select Edit

Select the Edit link beneath the title of a draft assignment.

Note: Peer assessment may only be enabled for a new or draft assignment. Once the assignment has been posted for students, this setting cannot be changed.

Choose Points as the grade scale and enter a maximum point value.

Check box to grade assignment
  1. Check the checkbox "Grade this assignment."
  2. Use the Grade Scale dropdown menu to choose a Points scale.
  3. Enter the maximum point value for the assignment in the Max Points field.

Note: In order to use Peer Assessment, the assignment must be set to a Points grade scale.

Select Use peer assessment.

Select use peer assessment and configure options

Peer assessment facilitates student peer review of assignments.

When Use Peer Assessment is selected, the settings will expand to show additional options. The available options to apply are listed as follows:

  1. The Evaluation Period Finishes section notes the date when the last peer reviews can be submitted.  (This date must be after the Accept Until date for the assignment.)
  2. Anonymous evaluation allows students to submit their reviews without their names appearing to those they are evaluating.
  3. Allow students to see reviews of their submissions enables students the ability to view evaluations from their peers of their submitted assignment.
  4. The Number of submissions students must review is the total number of peer evaluations required.
  5. The Instructions for reviewers text box allows instructors to outline specific instructions to students regarding peer assessments.

Note: Peer assessment can only be enabled for individual (i.e., not group) assignments.

Select Post.

Select Post.

Select Post to save changes and publish the assignment.

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