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How do I use the Labster US tool to view details about student submissions?


The Labster US tool replaces the Labster Dashboard. Both instructors and students may use the Labster US tool to view details about student performance on the lab simulations assigned in their course.

Select Labster US.

Select Labster US

In the target Sakai site, select Labster US from the Tool Menu.

Note: Need to add the Labster US tool to your course? See How do I add the Labster US tool to my course?

Select a simulation.

Select the title of a simulation

To view student submission details for a simulation, select the simulation title (1) or use the Search by simulation field (2) to search for a simulation by its title and then select the title.

Select a student's name.

Select a student's name

Select a student's name (1) to view additional details about their submission. Alternatively, use the Search by name field (2) to search for the student and then select their name.

Tip: Students will not appear in the Labster US tool roster until they have either attempted a Labster assignment or have accessed the Labster US tool.

Submission details display.

Select the right carrot icon to view the simulation quiz summary

Detailed submission information for the selected student will display. To view the Simulation Quiz Summary, or more granular details about each attempt, select the right caret (>) icon for that attempt.

Simulation Quiz Summary appears.
The simulation quiz summary shows how many attempts a student needed to answer each quiz question correctly

The Simulation Quiz Summary shows how many attempts the student needed to answer each simulation quiz question correctly.

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