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How do I add a Labster assignment?


Note: Before adding a Labster assignment, add the Labster US tool to your course. See How do I add the Labster US tool to my course?

Note: Some Sakai assignment fields must be configured in order to publish the assignment, although they do not impact the student experience with the assignment. The assignment's due and accept until dates, and whether resubmissions are allowed, have no impact on the student experience (i.e., students may submit a Labster assignment past the due date and they may have any number of submission attempts).

Select Assignments.

Select Assignments

In the target Sakai site, select Assignments from the Tool Menu.

Select Add.

Select Add

Select Add from the Actions Menu.

Enter instructions.

Enter assignment instructions

Type instructions in the Assignment Instructions field. Adding instructions is required to save the assignment.

Note: It is not necessary to enter an assignment title at this time; Labster will prompt you to change the assignment's title.

Choose External Tool (LTI).

Choose External Tool as the submission type

Select the Submission Type dropdown menu and choose External Tool (LTI).

Select the Select External Tool button.

Press Select External Tool

Select the Select External Tool (LTI) button.

Select Labster US.

Select Labster US.

Choose institution.

Choose LUC as the institution

The Labster external tool dialog window will load automatically.

  1. If prompted, use the Select Institution dropdown menu to choose Loyola University Chicago.
  2. Then, select Next.

Select Add to course.

Select Add to course

Locate the lab simulation you'd like to assign to students and select Add to course.

Select OK.

Select OK

Select OK to automatically title the assignment with the name of the lab simulation.

Configure grading options.

Check the box to grade the assignment and specify a max point value of 100
  1. Check the box labeled Grade this assignment.
  2. Specify a maximum point value of 100. Note that by default, all Labster simulations are scored out of 100 points. If you enter a value other than 100, Labster will adjust the point value of the assignment in the Gradebook. To minimize student confusion, it is recommended to use 100 as the assignment's maximum point value.

Warning: Do NOT check the box labeled Send grades to the Gradebook. Grades will automatically be sent to the Gradebook; however, checking this box will prevent students from accessing the simulation.

Select Post.

Select Post

Select Post to save the assignment.

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