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How do I navigate within a site?


It is strongly recommended to use the directed site navigation, and not the back and forward buttons in the web browser, to navigate within a site.

Currently selected site

The currently selected site will appear highlighted in a different color in the site navigation bar.

The Tool Menu

The Tool Menu is a customizable column along the left side of the screen with links for each available tool (e.g., Announcements, Forums, etc.). The number of links will vary depending on which tools were chosen for a site. The currently selected tool is highlighted, while the rest of the Tool Menu options are not.

Select a tool name to go to the corresponding tool.

The Overview page.

Overview on the Tool Menu is the primary landing page for a site. Overview pages can contain a list of recent announcements, forum discussions, calendar posts, and other selected resources for that specific site.

Resetting a tool

When using a tool, selecting the tool name in either the Tool Menu or the content frame returns to the first page of that tool, and also resets the tool to the landing page for the tool.

Full screen mode

Activate the full screen for any page by selecting the expand page icon. Exit full screen mode by selecting the same icon that will now depict a collapse screen.

Online help

Select Help in the Tool Menu to be directed to these inline documentation resources. Contextual help is available by selecting the Help link within the tool content frame.

Help in the Tool Menu

Contextual help for a given tool

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