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How do I create a post in Commons?


Note: Commons posts can include any combination of text, links, and images.

Select Commons.

Select Commons

Select the Commons tool from the site's Tool Menu.

Add text.

Add text

Type your text into the text field.

select the link icon, enter display text, insert a URL, choose whether to display a thumbnail, and select Insert

To add a link (URL):

  1. Select the link (i.e., chain) icon.
  2. Enter text in the Display text field. This is the text site members will see.
  3. Type or copy and paste the URL in the Link to field.
  4. Choose whether to load a thumbnail image from the URL.
  5. Select Insert.
link displays

The link, including a thumbnail with preview (if selected), displays in the text field.

Add an image.

select the image icon and select Choose File

To add an image file:

  1. Select the image icon.
  2. Select Choose File to browse your computer for a file.

Select the file.

locate the file and select Open

Locate and select the image file. Then select Open.

Select Insert.

select Insert

Select Insert to add the image file to your Commons post.

Select Post.

select Post

Click Post to submit the post to everyone on the site with access to view it.

Post displays.

post displays in Commons tool

Your post will display in the Commons tool. Select Edit or Delete at the bottom of the post to modify or delete your post.

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