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What is the Event Log in Tests & Quizzes?


The Event Log in Tests & Quizzes shows certain student activities for all Tests & Quizzes in the site. The Event Log is created and maintained automatically for each assessment.  

Recorded events are organized by user,  and they include: entry to the assessment (date and time), submission of the assessment (date and time), duration of the user submission session in minutes, and errors (if any) detected in the system.

NOTE:  Submissions must be made to an assessment in order for data to appear in the Event Log.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Test & Quizzes tool from the site Tool Menu.

Select Event Log.

Viewing event data.

  1. To view data for a certain assessment, use the Filter by Title drop-down.   
  2. To view data for a certain student, enter the user ID or name in the search box.
  3. Select a column heading (Title, Name, Entry Date, Date Submitted, Errors) to sort the entries on that data field. Select the column heading again to switch between ascending and descending order.
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