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How do I add my syllabus as a file attachment?


Select Syllabus.

Select the Syllabus tool from the Tool Menu.

Select Add Item.

An "Add Item" window opens where you type the name of the item - "Spring 2020" for example.  

Type the Title of the item and select Add and Publish.

Add Attachments.

Select the title of the syllabus (Spring 2020) and then select the Add attachments link to browse for a file.

Browse for a file on the computer.

  1. Select Upload a local file.
  2. Select Choose File to locate the file.
  3. Select Continue.
  1. Select from resources.
  2. Select Attach a copy.
  3. Select Continue.

The file attachment will display.

For more information on syllabus items, see How do I edit syllabus items?

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