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How can I use Panopto with my mobile device?


The Panopto Mobile application enables users to view, record, and upload content from mobile phones and tablets. To get started, be sure to download and install the iOS or Android version of Panopto Mobile on your device.

Login to Panopto Mobile

Open the application on your device. When the login screen appears, enter your Loyola UVID and password and select Sign In.


Once logged in, you will see the Home section of the app. You can search for a recording in the Searchbox at the top. The Home page allows you to continue watching recently viewed recordings (Continue Watching), discover new recordings in Panopto (What's New), and other quick access to content.

My Stuff

Shared With Me - These are videos that have been shared with you either through a course or because they are shared with all Loyola users.

Recently Watched - The videos in this section are the ones most recently viewed by you.


Bookmarked - The videos you have bookmarked in Panopto

My Folder - The recordings in your personal "My Folder" (not tied to any class).


To browse all recordings you can access, select Browse from the bottom of the screen. In this section, you can select a specific folder of yours or search at the top of the screen.

Creating/Uploading a Recording

Select +

To create or upload a recording, select the + button at the botton right of the screen.

Select Upload and Record

After selecting the + button, select Upload and Record.

Choose to Record or Upload Content

1.  Folder - Select the destination folder for the recording.

2. Drag Video or Audio Files Here - Select this text and icon in the middle of the screen to start recording/uploading.

3. Take Video - Select this option to create a new recording.

4. Photo Library - Choose Photo Library to upload a recording from this folder.

5. Browse - Select Browse to find a recording in the files saved on your phone.

Upload Your Recording to Panopto

After completing/locating your recording, you will see a screen with the upload progress. Please do not leave this screen until the process is complete.

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