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How do I delete a top-level Lessons page?


Deleting a lessons page is a two-part process. First, remove the Lessons page from the Tool Menu or page link, and then, delete the page from the site. 

Go to Lessons.

Select Lessons from the site tool menu to display the page to be deleted.

Select More Tools, then Remove Page.

From the More Tools drop-down menu, select Remove Page.

Select Remove.

A pop-up dialog will appear to proceed with removal of the page.  

Go to the Index of Pages.

Select pages to delete from Index of Pages.

The pages that have been removed from the site menu are listed under the heading The following pages are currently not in use. Only items that are not linked from any other location can be permanently removed from the site.

Select the checkbox next to the page to remove.

Select the button Delete selected pages to completely delete the selected page/s from the site.

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