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How do I set up a simple points-based Gradebook?


In this scenario, you are setting up a simple Gradebook without any categories or weighting; this is the default Gradebook setup. It provides a straightforward calculation of total points earned in the course. With this type of Gradebook setup, you cannot use the Group by Category option to organize the visual layout of your Gradebook items. You also cannot drop scores automatically.

Go to Gradebook.

In your Sakai site, select Gradebook from the Tool Menu

In the target Sakai site, select Gradebook from the Tool Menu.

Select Add Gradebook Item to create items.

Select Add Gradebook Item

Select the Add Gradebook Item button to begin creating items.

Edit item details and select Create.

Edit item details and select Create
  1. Enter a title for the Gradebook item. (Required)
  2. Assign points for the item based on its value toward the final course grade. (Required)
  3. If you would like to add a Due date to the item, select the calendar button to select a date. (Optional)
  4. Check Release item to students? if you would like students to see the Gradebook item. (Optional)
  5. Check Include item in course grade calculations? if you would like the item to count towards the final course grade. (Optional)  
  6. Select Create to save the item or the + icon to save the item and begin creating another new Gradebook item.

Example student grade summary

Sample student grade summary for a simple points-based gradebook

Let’s say Student Kinne has earned the following points:

  • Assignment 1 - 45/50 points
  • Discussion 1 - 10/10 points
  • Discussion 2 - 10/10 points
  • Research Paper - 92/100 points

The Gradebook will automatically add up all of the scores and divide by the total points possible.

The grade calculation in this example is (45 + 10 + 10 + 92)/170 points. The student's overall grade average = 92.35%.

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