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How do I move a thread to a different topic?


This option allows for a thread or conversation to be moved to a different topic. 

Go to Forums.

Select Forums from the site Tool Menu site.

Select a forum topic.

The topics will be listed underneath the corresponding forum in smaller, bold font. Select the topic containing the post to be moved.

Check the box next to the conversation to be moved.

All conversations (or threads, or posts) will be listed.

Select Move Thread(s).

After selecting Move Threads, a box will open with options pertaining to the thread and where it will be moved.

Select options and click Move Thread(s) to Selected Topic.

The available topics will be shown.

  1. Select the topic where you would like to move the thread.
  2. Select the Move Thread(s) to Selected Topic to continue.

Tip: Optional: Select the check box to leave a reminder about the move in the old topic.

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