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How do I add an announcement?


Go to the Announcements tool.

Select Announcements from the Tool Menu

Select the Announcements tool from the Tool Menu of your site. 

Select Add.

Select Add

Select Add from the Actions Menu.

Title your announcement and add content.

Enter a title and body message

Give your announcement a title, and then enter the content of the announcement into the Rich Text Editor.  You may use the formatting options in the editor to modify the font size or color, add images or links, or embed other content.  

Determine who can view the announcement.

Use the radio button to determine who can view the announcement

By default, all people enrolled in this site see the announcement.

Making the announcement publicly viewable means that you can send a link to the announcement to people outside the course, even outside your instance of Sakai, and the announcement will be viewable by them.

Post announcement to group(s). (Optional)

Select the drop-down menu and choose which groups should see the announcement

If you have created groups in your course, the option to display to groups is shown.

  1. First, select the drop-down menu You must select at least one group.
  2. Check the boxes for the group(s) you want to see the announcement.  Only the participants in the selected group(s) will see this announcement.

Select when the announcement will be displayed.

Select the radio button to set the announcement's availability

By default, the announcement is displayed immediately upon posting.  You can also choose to Hide it (saving as a draft until you are ready to post it), or you may Specify Dates when the announcement will be available.

Select availability dates. (Optional)

Specify dates for the announcement to display

If you want the announcement to display during a specific time frame, choose Specify Dates.

  1. Check the box(es) to the left of Beginning and/or Ending.
  2. Then, choose the calendar icon(s) to insert the properly formatted date and time when the announcement will begin and/or end.

Choose the date and time.

Use the calendar date and time picker
  1. Select date on the calendar.
  2. Use the plus and minus buttons to select the time.
  3. Then, select Done.

Add attachments. (Optional)

Select Add attachments

Select the Add Attachments button to add a file attachment to the announcement.

Browse for the file.

Upload a local file.

Select Upload a local file, choose file, and then locate the file on your computer
  1. If the file is not already in your Resources in the course, select Choose File to locate the file on your computer.
  2. Select Continue to attach the file.

Or, select from Resources.

Select the Select from resources tab and attach a copy

If the file already exists in this site's Resources:

  1. Select the Select from resources tab.
  2. Then, select Attach a copy to the right of the file.
  3. Select Continue to attach the file.

Notify participants of announcement by email. (Optional)

Select the notification drop-down menu
Choose an option

By default, no email notification is sent.  You may also select the Email Notification drop-down menu and choose one of the following options:

  • High - All participants, which sends an email to everyone in the course
  • Low - Not received by those who have opted out, which sends an email to everyone except participants who have intentionally changed their settings so that they don't receive low priority messages

Select Post Announcement.

Select Post Announcement

Select Post Announcement.

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