Loyola Sakai 11 DocumentationStudent Guide PanoptoHow do I create and delete sub-folders?

How do I create and delete sub-folders?

Sub-folders allow you to organize content in Panopto. By default sub-folders inherit the share settings of the parent folder.

Create a Sub-Folder

Navigate to luc.hosted.panopto.com and open the folder you would like to create a sub-folder in.

You can access a course folder in Panopto by logging in through Sakai and selecting the Panopto tool.

Select Add folder. Type the title of the folder in the text box and press the enter key.

Note: To open a sub-folder select the title of the sub-folder.

Delete a Sub-Folder

Open the sub-folder and select the Folder Settings icon.

Select the Manage tab.

Select Delete.