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How do I view Statistics in Piazza?

Statistics are available through downloadable reports and by viewing the dashboard.

Click on the Statistics tool across the top menu

Downloadable Reports

There are two options for downloadable reports: Get class statistics as a CSV file and Bulk Download poll statistics.

  • Get class statistics as a CSV file allows you to download all the class' statistics as an Excel file
  • Bulk Download poll statistics will only download statistics related to poll questions

The Dashboard displays statistics for your Piazza class at a glance. You can view holistic data for your class or data by individual user.

The graph displays a line graph of usage trends for number of unique users per day and number of posts per day.

Use the drop down menu to display either unique users per day or posts per day.

Hover your cursor over the line graph and zoom in or out to change the date range displayed.

Class at a Glance

The Class at a Glance section displays summary statistics for your class, including total posts, total contributions, instructor responses, student responses, and average response time.

In the statistics dashboard, posts are defined as questions and notes and contributions are defined as general activity, including posts, responses, edits, followups, and comments to followups.

Top Student Contributors

The top student contributors section displays the five most active students in your class, as defined by those with the most contributions.

Individual Student Statistics

Individual Student Statistics display a variety of data for the top students in each categories. The categories include the top students for the number of questions posted, the number of questions marked as "good" by instructors, the number of questions answered, the number of student answers endorsed by an instructor, and the number of posts viewed.

Participation Reports

Participation reports for instructors and students display the number of days the individuals logged in to Piazza, the number of posts they viewed, and the number of their contributions to the class.

Additional Statistics

Additional statistics are displayed at the very bottom of the screen and can be hidden by selecting the down arrow above the Special Mentions category.