Loyola Sakai 11 DocumentationInstructor Guide PiazzaHow do I respond to a Piazza post?

How do I respond to a Piazza post?

Go to the Piazza Tool in Sakai

Choose a Post in Piazza

Posts are highlighted based on their status:

  • White: post has been viewed and/or does not require an answer
  • Yellow: currently viewing this post
  • Red: new, unanswered question

Posts have other indicators too

  1. A gray box with vertical lines indicates that the post is a poll
  2. A gray box with horizontal lines indicates that the post is a "note" and no response is required
  3. An orange "i" indicates that an instructor has responded to the question

Type your response in the Instructor's Answer Area

Using the Text Box Editor, enter your response and click Submit

When you are finished entering your response, click Submit.

Tip: Your response can take many forms. You can enter plain text or you can include tables, files, videos, images, and/or links.

If a student posted the question to the entire class, then the entire class will see your response.