Loyola Sakai 11 DocumentationInstructor Guide ExamityHow do I check the exam status and review my students' score reports?

How do I check the exam status and review my students' score reports?

Instructors must obtain permission from the Provost's office and their department before the instructor can add the Examity tool to their Sakai course site. Please visit the Office of Online Learning's Online Course Proctoring page for more information. 

Check the status of scheduled, completed, and proctored exams by clicking “Exam Status” in the Examity® dashboard. You can see which students have completed their exams and whether or not they had any violations. This is also where you view any student violations.

You can watch videos of your students taking their exams by clicking the blue View link.

Please note, if the View link is not clickable, that means the exam has not yet been audited. All exams will be audited within 48 hours of the student completing the exam.

Under the View link, instructors can watch recordings of students taking exams. Recordings are available for 30 days and then removed from the Examity® system to ensure privacy for all parties involved.

The Examity® flagging system provides instructors with a snapshot of what happened during each test.

Below are descriptions of the types of flags an Examity® proctor or auditor may issue students during or after the exam:

  • Green flags are given when there is no incident.
  • Yellow flags are given when a rule is broken but cheating did not take place.
  • Red flags are given when the student exhibits clear cheating behavior.

If a technical issue arises, Examity® will communicate that information to instructors with a blue alert.